Period Movement and Dance

For Colleges, Universities, Conservatoires and Theatre/Opera Companies

Workshops/residencies and lecture/demonstrations will focus on the individual needs of various artists within the Performing Arts: Dance, Drama and Music (vocal and instrumental).

Performers need to be comfortable wearing period costume, but more importantly they need to know how to move in it.  Sitting, standing and walking can be very difficult when wearing a costume.  It is also very important to know about body posture and etiquette – putting on a costume is not enough, it is the correct body movement that makes one look "in period".

Following a course in Period Movement and Dance, participants should be able to feel comfortable in period costume and move in a graceful manner using the correct body posture of the period.

A variety of periods are available and can be chosen from the following list.

Example course proposals:

For further information, or to discuss requirements, please contact Philippa Waite:

Phone: 07976 374482
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