Baroque Dance Rhythms

Specialist workshops for music students, professionals and amateurs.


Basic steps in duple, triple and compound-duple will be taught emphasising the rhythmic qualities required for dances such as gavotte, sarabande, courante and gigue.  Workshops could also contain an element of musical participation, for example instrumentalists may wish to accompany part of the class to experience playing music for dance – keeping a strict tempo, no slowing down at ends of phrases etc.  A combination of workshop and lecture-demonstration is also available: participants may play dance music (of their choice) for Philippa to dance to.  When played as an accompaniment to dance the musician needs to approach the music from a different perspective.

Instrumentalists on previous courses have found this a useful tool which has given them new insight to playing Baroque music, singers have also benefited from this approach.  Philippa will be able to demonstrate dances with advanced step combinations and more complex rhythms (loure, hornpipe etc.) which wouldn't be possible for workshop participants.


A variety of topics are available, from a general introduction to Baroque Dance Rhythms, to a specific topic such as

Please contact Philippa to discuss possible topics.

More Information

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